About Jules...

You have a passion, a talent, something that makes you enormously happy.... You love doing this so much, you'd prefer to make a living out of it.

After all.... If you love what you do, you'll never have to work another day in your life!

This is exactly what I am doing. All I have is my experiences, my talents, and my passions. And a whole house full of clothes. I sell my clothes and share my knowledge in workshops.


What knowledge?

How to build an online personality, how to design your own house style and logo in Canva, how to use your phone to make amazing pictures, how to build a community and get followers.  So, basically, it's all about: turning your hobby into a business by doing it yourself with a low budget, and all in flow.  Building your brand perfectly in line with who YOU are.


It is going to be awesome. And fun!


With love,

Are  you joining me on this journey?

Webshop & Personal Shopping

Graphic Design

Workshops & Photoshoots


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