About the clothing...

I am selling my own personal clothing.  I've always loved beautiful and stylish clothing and I had a good job to pay for it.
My dream has always been to be an entrepreneur.  I started my own company in 2019 and that went well.  Until the plandemic started...
Ever since then, I have been going back to the drawing table.  And every time again I found myself supporting the mission of someone else.

Now, I finally decided to live my own dream.  So I am building this brand JULES' LIFESTYLE PASSIONS from scratch, with zero budget.  But I do have my cloths, bags, jewelry, scarfs, shoes, etc. 


In a way, I am very much like Carrie from Sex and the City.
I love to write.  I love fashion.  I have spent tons of money on fashion. 

But the events on the world stage of the past years have changed me.  I want other things in life now.

So... back to the clothes now.

They are second hand. Or I prefer to call it "pre-loved".  Not even that because I still love my clothes.  Only... I am at a point in my life now that I have to make choices.  So, I chose a new life with a new company.

My clothes are fresh and of high quality.  Not everything is super expensive.  I also have great items from H&M or Zara.  I am not a snob.  When something is beautiful, it's beautiful.


Only... I am trying to recollect some of my money and I want to offer you the opportunity to buy great items for an affordable price. 

After this, I will see where this all takes me and how I can expand my business.

But for now... I  hope you will love these beautiful clothes and other items that I have worn with a lot of pleasure and I enjoyed many beautiful moments while wearing them.
I hope the same for you.


With love,